You would like to form a company but are not sure how to get started, your website needs a facelift, your company has grown to a point where employee handbooks and documented job descriptions are essential… we can help.

From inception to sale, there is an overwhelming amount of work to do for any business. Bancroft can work with you to position your company strategically and professionally allowing for as much prosperity as possible. Bancroft can work with companies of all sizes, new or established, to review, enhance or create efficient marketing and organizational strategies for operation; thus, enhancing your company’s overall functionality, exposure and profitability. Utilizing resources such as business plans, budgets, marketing strategies, ecommerce websites, social media marketing, renovation and maintenance plans, and more, will help you build a strong and saleable business.

Explore our services below or contact us for a free consultation.

Website Development

Website Front and/or Back End, Integrated Social Media, and more.

Business Plans

Mission, Forecasts, Growth, Structure, Financials, and more.


Employee Handbooks, Manuals, Job Descriptions, and more.

Business Consulting

Valuation, Company Review, Plan for Maximum Profitability, and more.

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